Saturday, March 3, 2018

How Much Longer Can Your Story Go?

Last night, I got another chapter in my diary novel written. Or is it to be called an "entry"? That sound like an interesting question, though I don't need to get technical on something like this. 🙂
I had been putting this off for a few days and pressured myself to get it done. I had bene jotting down ideas in my notebook by hand for this sporty, but for my recent addition, I went straight to typing it out, since I had waited so long to get it down and was somehow not too tired last night as I tend to get when it gets dark early. (I'm glad that's almost over).

But I am glad I got it done at last.  I'd been putting it off too long. But now I'm still not sure how to end this story. It almost sounds like something that would make a book series. Those who have written series--how have you determined how to end each book in the series?

But right now I'm not sure where to end this one. And I really want to get back to my memoir. It's been  while since I worked on that one, and it's good to come back with fresh eyes. I'm still deciding to enter the writing contest at Blydyn Square Books, and whether I want to pt my diary novel on Wattpad (I joined in January).

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  1. I am really pleased to hear that you are itching to get back to your memoir - and that you have more than one iron in the fire.