Monday, March 5, 2018

What Books Made You Become a Writer?

This isn't the first time I asked this on my blog.  Almost two years I ago, I posted this very question as the subject of a blog post, but to no avail.  It was inspired by this Goodreads list: The Books That Turned You Into a Writer.

Prozac Nation
Those who have regularly read my blog will know that Prozac Nation was what made me want to write my own memoir of depression and Prozac. I voted for that one on the Goodreads list linked above.
Little House on the Prairie (Little House, #2)
But even before that, I would find myself writing off and on as a child. One series of books I grew up with was the Little House series (I also loved the TV show). I think this may have been what made me want to write then. I seem to recall writing stories based on Little House--I may have been writing fan fiction before the term existed. I also read Charlotte's Web many times--that could also have been one book that made me want to write.

I noticed that the Hunger Games  and Twilight books are among those listed on the Goodreads list. I am now wondering how many people are trying to write dystopia or vampire novels. As much s I enjoyed reading the books, I have no idea how to even begin such a story. I know that the idea for Twilight came to author Stephenie Meyer in a dream. One dream I recently had seems like a premise for a story. I haven't begun one, but did write down what I could remember of the dream so I can possibly work on a story later. But I have never had a dream about a vampire that I can recall.

When I got first got the idea to write about my depression and experience with Prozac, I wasn't sure whether to write a memoir of a fictional account. But once I been writing notes, it began sounding like a memoir, so I decided it would be so. This despite my having read more fiction than nonfiction until recently when I got into reading true stories. I guess this was just writing what I knew.


  1. Their works weren't what began me on my writing journey, but as authors Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins simply blow me away. They're amazing.

  2. I often wonder what the trigger is for writers. Not only to start, but to continue down that long, hard and sometimes lonely road.

    1. Long, hard and lonely pretty much sums it up, EC:)

  3. Just stopped by to say hey, Jamie:)

  4. I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was growing up (the books and the tv show). I always enjoy finding out what inspired different authors to write.