Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why You Must Be Patient


It’s easy to fall victim of looking at other people’s success and wishing you were them. When this happens, you won’t get far. You will spend your time looking at other people’s success and by fault, you will neglect your own.
When you ponder on other people’s success, you forget that it didn’t happen overnight. The person you’re looking at took years and years to become successful, you’re only looking at the finished product. 
It’s easy to look at the finished product but it’s shining. We all aspire to become the finished product but we forget what it takes to get there. All the trial and error that goes into becoming a finished product ceases to exist in our minds. 
You will not become the finished product overnight. When you’re starting on the journey of success, learn the art of being patient.
When you become patient, you will not give up at the first sight of failure. You understand that failure is part of the process. When others desire success right away and when they can’t achieve it, they give up. You won’t be one of those people. You understand that if you’re patient, eventually you'll achieve your desired success. 
Patience will play a virtue on your journey. When you’re patient, not a lot will affect you. You’re able to withstand more than the average person. 
When others complain, you keep taking massive action. You don’t let excuses stand in the way of where you want to go. You know excuses are just another obstacle you need to overcome. 
Patience leads you to a more fulfilling life. You don’t put this unnecessary pressure on yourself to succeed right away. Instead, you take your time. You put in the daily grind knowing that with each step, you’ll get to where you want to go. When you're patient, you will become successful, maybe not right now, but over time.

I know writing a book takes time, but I just want to see it published while I'm still alive. I ask myself if two years is not enough to finish it, but I guess the number of years needed to complete a book varies with each person. A long-time acquaintance of mine has been working on a psychology-related book for several years now (I'm not sure just how many) and expects to see it published sometime next year. I was not even aware that she had been working on a book until her mother (one of my mom's old friends) told me about it by email while I was beginning my memoir two years ago. 
I knew all along it would take time, but I wasn't sure how much time. Still not sure about that, but I'm trying to be patient, however long it takes . 
I am now trying to be patient even more, with the hope of success occurring over time.

BTW, I did more chapter fine-tuning yesterday while stuck at home by the rain, and now have two more to go.


  1. Sadly, when we look at successful people (whatever the field) we see only the end point. The work involved is hidden. Which is deceptive. Very deceptive.

  2. Well said, EC.

    Jamie, sounds like you're being productive in your down time, which is great, and not very far from the finish line. Hang in there.

  3. Just stopped by to say hey. Hope your day has been pleasant.