Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chapter Break Bingo – April 2018

Here is the new card for April.

Click on the card to download (or right click here and save-as).
Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.
Some clarifications on the squares:
Teen Book Con Author: Yes, you probably didn’t attend this year’s Teen Book Con in Houston. But I did. And it’s always amazing to me to see all those teens excited about reading. So let’s reward the authors who take time out of their schedules to attend this convention and read one of their books. Here’s the list. I’m reading Caraval!
Try a new genre: Read a genre you don’t normally read. For example, do you normally read contemporary? Try historic. Normally read science fiction? Try fantasy. You can cross off two squares if you don’t normally read YA by reading a Teen Book Con author!
Current topic: Read a book with a current topic. I’m thinking politics, war in the Mid-East. Economics. You get the idea.

Here’s a recap for clarity (with specific dates for example):
April 4 – new bingo card available
May 3 – Julie and I will post our April completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post
May 4 – new bingo card available
June 3 – Julie and I will post our May completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post. We will also be posting the April winner of the most squares in this post.
And so on and so forth.
Here is what I am reading:
  1. The Egg Tree--Katherine Milhous (1 square): Easter Egg
  2. Little Women--Louisa May Alcott (4 squares): Siblings, Library Book, Physical Book, Girl Power
  3. Ready Player One--Ernest Cline (3 squares): Try a New Genre (Cyberpunk), Games of Skill or Chance, Technology
  4. Hotel For Dogs--Lois Duncan (2 squares): Audiobook, In a Series
  5. The Silent Wife--A.S.A. Harrison (2 squares): Free Book, Lawyer
  6. Roller Girl--Victoria Jamieson (1 square): Bright Colors on Cover
  7. Two-Way Street--Lauren Barhnoldt (2 squares): Vacation or Road Trip, Free Space
  8. There Will Be a Slight Delay--Jack Prelutsky (1 square): Jokes
  9. Dr Wortle's School--Anthony Trollope (1 square): Set on a School Campus
  10. Impulse--Ellen Hopkins (1 square): One-Word Title
  11. Funny in Farsi--Firoozeh Dumas (2 squares): Shelf Love, Current Events (Immigration)
  12. File M for Murder--Miranda James (1 square): Cold-Case Mystery
  13. The Alchemyst--Michael Scott (1 square): Witches/Demons
  14. The Silent Wife--Kerry Fisher (1 square): New Adult
  15. Children of Blood and Bone--Tomi Adeyemi (1 square): Teen Book Con Author
  16. ChocoMimi, Volume 1--Konami Sonada (1 square): Birthday
Challenge completed on April 29. 25 squares completed.


  1. Little Women is one of my all time favorites.

  2. I have seen these cards on other blogs. How do you play? By the way, are you hosting the Creativity Reading Challenge? If so, is there a place for links for books read?

    1. Go to the link on my post to sign up for the reading bingo. You just read books that fill each square. Since this one is monthly, one book can fit more than one square.

      Yes, I am hosting the Creativity reading Challenge, but there are no checkins.

  3. Sounds like a fun way to stretch your reading list beyond the usual go to genre's. Happy reading!

  4. Way to go! Great reading and bingo playing here!

  5. Enjoyed reading this. I love playing bingo and casino online. I'll link up my bingo cards when I'll start laying again for sure. Thanks for the article and other resources for reading!