Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still Trying to Find a Title

Two things I'm still trying to do with my diary novel, come up with a conclusion, for now (and possibly begin another book on the same character, with another focus--more on the another time), and most trying of all, finding title for the book-in-progress! 

I'm now thinking that using the phrase "Life Behind Bars" or "Behind Bars" or any other variation thereof might just be too misleading, making some people think it's about prison. Though some have said that the "Behind Bars" idea sounds all right, I'm not too sure about using it now." Teeth Behind Bars" or something containing that phrase might be a little less deceiving, so there is a possible title naming idea. 

In this post, I said how "Smile" was suggested a possible title, and how I quickly that a graphic novel with that title that is on the subject of getting braces already exists. Even though the title isn't copyrighted and could very well be used again, I felt it would be too confusing to have two books with the same title on the same idea and set n the same era, though it could be done. I just want to find something different, something that reflects the protagonist's anxiety over having to get braces and his subsequent adjustment to his newly acquired orthodontia. Someone on a Facebook group I post to said she would call such a novel "Brace Yourself," but that seems too over-used and too obvious a title for such a story. One of the protagonist's fears is being called cruel nicknames such as "Metal Mouth," which I have also been trying use to formulate a title. I looked up the phrase "metal mouth" on Goodreads and could only find one book with that phrase in the title.  The search without quote marks yielded only four results, only two of which contained both the words in the title. It is now surprising that such a phrase has not been used  much in book titles. 

Here is another title I found:

The title kind of makes it sound like it's one of those diary-style novels, exactly what I am writing. But here is the book's description (from Goodreads): 

These days, more and more children are going through that rite of passage known as getting braces.  Now they can chronicle the experience in this very hip, very cool, and very original journal.  Created by bestselling author Dan Price, this beautifully designed guide is entirely hand-lettered and drawn, and captures every moment, from the first appointment to that blessed day when the orthodontist says “All done!” and finally removes the braces.  It has space for before and after photographs, room to track orthodontist visits, “Fun Facts” pages, suggested “Books to Read,” the dreaded “Forbidden Foods” list, and fun illustrations on “Troubleshooting” common problems with your braces.  This is an all-around great gift!

Still trying to find a title.


  1. Good luck. Choosing titles isn't easy.

  2. Titles are hard. It will come to you.

  3. Titles are a big deal--you're right to struggle over it. I'm at that point with my current WIP. What the h**** is it's name!

  4. I'm going back and forth between 2 right now.