Friday, April 27, 2018

Still Uncertain How to End My Book...

..and if I want to use some of the ideas I have for a sequel book. Again, it's thinking too far ahead, but I like the idea of not having to cram so much into one book. And I think I will try to do avoid doing just that.  But I still need to know where to end the one in progress. And that is as hard as finding a title.

I just let some of the other clients at work read what I had written so far and received some good feedback. One said there was a good balance of negative and positive, and another suggested putting some positive spins on some of the story elements. They seemed to understand the YA genre better than my mom's friend seems to have done 😀 Or is it Middle grade? I'm still confused on that classification. The protagonist is currently 12 and some of the ideas I have is to have him face becoming a teenager. This could easily be another book, since right now the focus is on him adjusting to wearing braces. Subplots in the WIP include taunting by the mean girls at school and a school play, namely Romeo and Juliet.  This is where I'm trying to put the focus on the current work. It seems that the idea of another book would be a way not to cram a lot into one book. 

And then there's still the title needed for the WIP. ...


  1. Good luck.
    You are making me grateful to be a reader rather than a writer. And I continue to be awed by what goes into getting a book to publication.

  2. I'm struggling too with how to end my current WIP and whether it should be two books. Good luck with that! I'm subscribing so I'll get to find out what you decide.

  3. OK, I got stuck subscribing. Maybe I'm missing something? I don't use Yahoo or Netvibes. Is there another way to subscribe? Sorry, Jamie!

  4. There's always a challenge isn't there?
    Glad you got some great feedback.
    Enjoy your weekend, Jamie.

  5. Your book sounds more YA to me, but it comes down to the audience, word choice and length. Is it a chapter book for kids in 3rd-6th grades(generally speaking grades there, but this would be Middle Grade) or more for teens and up with semi-adult situations and language (YA).

    I would suggest ending the story where it has a satisfying point and the main plot is wrapped up. Then you can go into another book if you choose, but you're not obligated to.

  6. All the best! And its awesome you received good feedback!