Saturday, May 30, 2020

Change in the the Weather

I can't believe the calendar is about to say June. It's been 11 repetitive weeks since the shutdown. But if that's not confusing enough for some people, the weather today in my hometown is gloomy, with rain predicted. Yes, after about four or five days of a heat wave, and a cooler day yesterday, it is gloomy outside. I get exhausted easily in such weather even in the middle of the day!

No rain as of yet and none is predicted after today. I can recall at least once when it rained at the end of May, and at least once in June. Not normally expected. 

It's beginning to feel like it did in March just before the shutdown began. It was raining the Sunday before then and for several days into the lockdown. Is that what this means by "March, Part 4"? Though we did get some hot weather in April and May in my area. Now I'm anxious to see what the first week of June is like.

UPDATE: (1:07 PM Pacific Time): The rain just now began, not too long after I originally posted this.

1 comment:

  1. Feel free to send some rain this way.
    Our weather has (mostly) settled into Autumn.
    Our lockdown restrictions are being eased, but many of us are not ready to resume 'normality'.