Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 @ Messy Middle

I will get as many as I can for this one.

It will start on June 1 and run through August 18, 2020. To enter, read seven books from 25 categories.

What is different?

  • Pandemic, anyone? For some you’ve already been reading extra, for others, the past few months have dinged your ability to concentrate and read.
  • You may have less access to libraries.
  • So, you might need this challenge more than ever to get your reading mojo back. BUT you might have less access to libraries and may need to borrow books from friends and family.
  • In recognition of the graduations and weddings that were planned and the medical personnel impacted, students, teachers, and parents doing school different, and those in isolation who had a very different than expected first half of the year we have four “COVID-19 Special Categories.”

What is the same?

  • Many categories will be similar because reading is reading. But you will notice a few new gems
  • Counting a book of more than 700 pages as two books.
  • Choosing a penalty book within the first week of the year. A penalty book or category you declare I will read or be penalized. The last two summers I have selected a penalty book and it worked! I read books I’d been meaning to read for ages and I am all the richer for reading them. This year Abigail Adams by Woody Holton is my penalty book. Can I tell you how many years I’ve meant to read this book?! This is the summer!
  • Like last year, if you do not read your “penalty” book, you will subtract two books from your total.

What’s in it for you?

  • All who comment on August 18-21st with the names of the books they read will be entered to win one of ten $10 Amazon gift cards.

Drumroll . . . here are the categories!

In recognition of the graduations, weddings, medical personnel, and those in isolation who had a very different than expected first half of the year we have four COVID-19 Special Categories:
  1. A book with either something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue
  2. A book with a nurse, doctor, or other medical personnel
  3. A book with a teacher, student, or classroom
  4. A book about a pandemic or outbreak
In Recognition of the Joy of reading:
  1. A Biography
  2. A book I already own
  3. A book a friend recommended
  4. A Young Adult book (YA)
  5. A book with a great cover
  6. A book of poetry
  7. A memoir or autobiography
  8. A graphic Novel
  9. A book for professional development (loosely defined)
  10. A book longer than 700 pages (counts as two books)
  11. A book with a verb in the title
  12. A play
  13. A book about a country or culture you have never visited
  14. A book about history
  15. A book that won an award
  16. A classic
  17. A novel 
  18. An audiobook
  19. A book with an animal
  20. A book less than 100 pages
  21. A book You want to discuss with others
My Penalty Book: