Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Rest of My Decorations

Unfortunately, I accidentally hit "publish post" on my last post before I was done and went to edit it, but before I  got the last photo uploaded, my electricity at home went out for about a minute.   So here are the rest of my photos.  First is another shot (without the camera flash on) of the window in the photo in the previous entry.   I shot each scene twice, once with the flash, once without.  I shot without the flash to get a spooky effect. 
In 2005 I made some papier-mach√© ghots by pasting strips of newspaper to small paper bags with eyes and noses cut out (I stuffed the bags with crumpled newspaper while applying the strips, then removed the stuffing after the paste dried).  I also made a black cat by papier-maching an empty soda can with balls of newspaper added on for the head, ears, legs and tail attached by the paste-drenched strips.   ever since then, these have been displayed each Halloween in the large window ledge above the kitchen sink, with more of the hanging ghosts taped to the window.  Wrapped around the curtain rod and taped to the window is a long strand of orange lights.

On the porch in front of the window by my computer center, you can see a large pumpkin bag and some smaller pumpkin bags and a large spider bag.  I've had the smaller pumpkins for several years now, but recently purchased the larger pumpkin and the spider along with the light decoration and a skeleton at a local thrift store (mentioned in the previous entry). Standig behind the rails is a scarecrow.  The skeleton is hanging from the rail with a piece of a torn black trash bag behind him.  Fake spider webs hang over the rails.  Taped to the window are still more of the hanging ghosts and on top of the computer center are two plastic lighted jack-o-lanterns.  

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