Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Another trip to the Gilroy Salvation Army store today led me to this display. Actually, it's been there for several weeks, but I was never able to  take a picture of the Christmas tree in the Halloween disply until today.  Every time I tried before, I was unable to aim the camera at the display.  Pardon the blurriness, but that's the best I could do after trying today, and I've ot have to ry anymore.  It was very high above me and not easy to aim the camera at, another reason the photo is so blurry.  I would often miss the display and capture the stuff on the shelf below or (even on the floor!) by mistake. 

Anyway, in this display of mostly Halloween items is a spiral Christmas tree.   The spiral-shaped tree is covered in green felt.  Perhaps this little tree arrived around the same time as the Halloween items and was just thrown is a a holiday item?  Was this maybe just a "holiday" display?  The bouquet to the left of the Christmas tree looks like either a Thanksgiving decoration or a general fall or harvest decoration. 

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