Friday, October 2, 2009

Scary or Silly?

Something I remembered related to Halloween from my college days:

We were decorating the lounge in our dorm for Halloween during my last year of college (1996-97, when I was just getting into the Internet).  We had a Pepsi vending machine in the lounge, and some guys took some orange construction paper and  wrote some silly names that they taped onto the buttons for each of the sodas on the machine.  It went like this:
  • Pepsi--Pepto
  • Diet Pepsi--Die Pepsi
  • Slice*--Sliced
  • Mug Root Beer--Bug Root Beer
  • Iced Tea--Iced Blood
  • Dr Pepper--Dr. Kevorkian
  • Mountain Dew--Mountain Doom
(*this was back when Slice was available in the lemon-lime flavor)

Does this sound scary or just silly?  

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