Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie going

It's rare that I ever see more than one movies in one weeks, but this past week I saw three.  First was "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief."  I never read the book, nor did I know until just the other day that there is a book.  A little suspenseful, but OK to watch. Not something I was eager to see, but it made for a good night out of the house.  

Next came "Precious" on Wednesday. I'd been wanting to see this for some time now and IPrecious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire knew it would likely be shown as part of the  Wednesday Cinema Arts series at my local movie theater.  The Cinema  Arts series is on hold during summer and winter since many major releases during those season come out on Wednesdays.   It  returned this past Wednesday with
"Precious."  This is a very thought-provoking film that is bound to bring tears to some eyes.  My family friend who attended the movie admitted afterward to crying (I didn't see her crying during the performance).  This is another film worth seeing. It took months to get to see  it but it was worth the wait.

On Thursday came "Valentine's Day."   Not having to work that day, I decided to see thisValentine's Day one since I'd wanted to see it when I first saw the previews.  It was quite interesting with its ensemble cast.  If you like any of the many actors in this film, it'll be worth seeing for that reason alone. 

And I cannot wait until March 3, when "An Education" will be shown in Hollister as part of the Cinema Arts series.  Since I first heard about this film I'd been wanting to see it and hoping that it would be part of the Cinema Arts series.  I'd pondered going to either Monterey or Salinas to see it, but have been either too tired or too busy to get out of town (and I don't wan to drive in the rain when not necessary).   Once the film got several Oscar nominations, I then hoped even more that they'd bring it to my town. And now they are at last!   I will be there.  It should be good.  The wait is almost over!An Education

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