Monday, February 22, 2010

A Neighbor's Christmas Remnants

How long do you wait to take down your Christmas decorations?  A day or two maybe?  That's why I usually try to do.  I missed my wreath hung over the door when I removed my decorations this past Christmas season and didn't notice until two days after New Year's Day.  If you wondering why I'm asking this now, it's because for the last two months I've been noticing that one of my mobile home park neighbors has had a Christmas tree still up in front of their trailer as of now.  What I did not know until the other day was that the tree was actually growing in the ground in front of their house and that it was just decorated with tinsel and ornaments.  They've been neglecting to remove these decorations.   I also noticed today that they've also left up a light-up reindeer.   

It's going to be Easter soon.  These people need to get this Christmas decor down.  Maybe they should decorate the tree with plastic Easter eggs?  And then stick in a USA flag  and red, white and blue streamers for the Fourth of July? 

I have a couple of trees in front of my mobile home that could easily be decorated. Unfortunately, there's no outside lighting (except on the front porch and in the driveway) so no one would be able to see the decorations after dark.  They probably barely notice my papier mache ghosts I place on the kitchen window ledge and the ghosts I tape to the kitchen window every year for Halloween, even with the orange lights hanging in the window.  And the stuff I place on the porch that faces the road, even with the light on.  I don't know about the people in this house (nor have I ever met them), but thye must have some way of lighting the front of their house if they put up decorations like these.  I don't know how they do it. 

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