Friday, October 22, 2010

13 Halloween Costumes That Have No Business Being 'Sexy'

I agree with a lot of those

Why must everything for women at Halloween be sexy?  Even male characters (see link)  are being made into sexy versions for women to wear.  I guess that's what costume maker have  to resort to once nurse, firefighters, and the like have already been repeatedly made sexy.  A coworker of mine today said she got a Ninja Turtle costume for her son.  I then told her about the sexy Ninja Turtles for women that are shown in the link above.  She reacted with disbelief, thinking that the Turtles were just a men's thing. Yes, they are male characters, but I have nothing against a woman donning a man's costume.  I personally would not want to be a Ninja Turtle, but I see no reason why I could not wear a beer can or a banana costume.  I tried on one of each of these at both my local Kmart and Target stores, as well as a hot dog though I went with none of them.  Another year, perhaps.  And I see no reason why a woman has to have a "tank-dress" version of a bag of Skittles or M&Ms,  Crayola Crayon,  a game board or dartboard.   Google any of these costumes or click here to do a search and you'll see examples of these along with men's versions that fully cover the shoulder.  I'm getting the men's version if I ever decide to be one of those one year.  Or better yet, I'll just make one out of  colored cardboard or fabric, or paint the M&Ms logo on a trash bag.  Sounds much better, don't you agree? 

An interesting quote from that link:
Yeah, it seems that it's illegal for women to wear Halloween costumes that aren't "sexy."
It's kind of like how women now have to wear pink versions of university shirts rather than school colors.
Sometimes it feels like the entire feminist movement was erased from history...

I cannot even begin to give all my opinions on the whole sexy women's costume trend that has been going on for several years now.  I've read numerous articles on this subject, including how this trend has spread to young girls as well.  That despite not having children; if I did I do not know what I would do if they wanted these sexy costumes.  Then again, I have made my own costumes in past years, something I would likely do if I have kids. 

Last year I ordered the Pumpkin Spice costume. It was rather shoulder-exposing, but not too short on. This year I settled on a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)  dress from Kmart.  It lacks the high-neck feature on the dress from the classic film, but at least the shoulders are covered.  It also has the faux-corset feature on the chest, which I had to unlace to get the dress on.   The lacing is supposed to make the thing sexy, I suppose.  Kmart also has a similarly constructed costume for Little Red Riding Hood.  Just glad not to have gotten stuck with something like this one.

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