Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Trick and Some Treats

On either Wednesday or Thursday, the yearly phone directory was delivered to my neighborhood. I noticed it on one of my neighbor's doorsteps before finding my own copy.  I suspected they'd dropped it on my porch that I had decorated for Halloween.  The door on that porch doesn't work (long story), but the fact that it's there makes a lot of people try to knock on that door, and they often leave  the phone directory and some of my newspapers on those steps.  Sure enough, when I went to look for the directory, there it was in an orange bag (because it's almost Halloween?) that almost blended in with my jack-o-lantern bags as seen in the photo.  I felt tricked,  though I know no one intended it! It was kind of funny seeing the orange bag against the pumpkin bags!

Last night I went to a party put on by a local restaurant that also serves as a venue for local bands. A man from this band turned out to be a resident of the mobile home park where I live, and one of the residents nearest me. He gave a free copy of his band's CD.  A very nice treat. They put on a good live performance.
Some neat costumes were worn by the many guests.  Lots of devils, maids, witches, and other common and unusual fare,  but one that seemed funnier than all the rest was a man in the old lady with a baby costume. I've seen this one for sale on the Internet, but last night was the first time I actually saw someone wearing one.  It's quite hilarious.  And wouldn't ya know, he won the best costume overall.  I believed that he was most worthy of that prize.

After this party I headed over the bar on the next block to find out the results of their 
contest to guess how many candy corns were in a plastic jar.  The karaoke DJs had sent out an email saying that three people had come close to guessing the right number on the first night (October 8) they'd  begun the contest, and that they would be announcing the winners  at midnight on October 29.   I made sure to get over by then to hear the results.   Turned out one of my guesses was the third-closest, and as result I won the the jar of candy.  Along with the candy corn, there are also some gumballs and Mellow Creme pumpkins.  I knew I could not eat all this, so I put a handful of them on pieces of plastic wrap and tied then with ribbons to share with the family.  I plan to deliver them some time tomorrow.  

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