Thursday, October 7, 2010

80's stuff for Halloween

What is it with the '80s for Halloween?  There are a lot of 80s costumes and accessories for sale both online and at the Spirit stores.  I got some pictures at the Spirit store in Gilroy, California after work today.  Naturally they have accessories to look like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper  or an 
'80 rock groupie and a whole endcap of Michael Jackson accessories.  I only shot a small part of that endcap because
 personally I think that was quite enough.  I did not see  single person dressed as him last year even though it was predicted it would be a popular costume then.  And there are the colorful wigs, the leg warmers  and the gel bracelets--all very '80's. 

This is certainly not something I would consider for Halloween, not right now at least.   I grew up in the 80s and I graduated from high school in 1989,  so I was a true 1980s child.   Not to sure I want to relive the decade just yet, at least not for Halloween this year. 
Oddly enough yesterday from Netflix and I received and watched the 1989 film "Earth Girls Are Easy."  I missed this the first time somehow, not that it really mattered to me.  It was an OK film and very definitive of that decade.  

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