Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to the countdown today

Sorry for no post yesterday.  Got a little busy on a rare weekday off.  

Have little to say right now except that I have decided to go as Dorothy, in a costume from Kmart. Yes, I still have one of those stores in my town, and it will have been there for 20 years next month.  All costumes at Kmart are 30% off this week and the cashiers have coupons that give an additional 105 off.  Now I need to figure out how to make ruby slippers. I'm planning to use some old slip on shoes that have been worn out by painting them red and adding glitter.  

I'm not that great a  "Wizard of Oz" fan, but I did go to see the play put on my my county's stage company when the opened in 1999 ("Wizard" was their first production).  My decision came from performing karaoke at a neighborhood bar.  For Halloween, they have a contest for best song and costume combination, and one song I've done quite frequently is Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."  This is what prompted my decision.  I plan to be there that night to perform that song.   I'd also though of this earlier this year while listening to my "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" CD at home one day.  

I just received via Facebook an invite to a Halloween dinner dance this coming Saturday, which gives me only two and half days to get my slippers made, if I'm to go.  I'm sure I can find some glitter at Walmart after work today or tomorrow. 

Time to go now, as I have to get ready to leave for work.  Will be back this afternoon. 

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