Friday, October 1, 2010

Let the Halloween Countdown Begin!

This is my second year participating in the Countdown to Halloween with my blog.  I've been busy with work all this week and have not been able to gather a lot of stuff just yet.  Yet, I will have some  Halloween-related posts over the next month.  I've been looking for  Halloween episodes on Youtube and will  blog about some of them soon.  I was really upset to see the "Family Matters" Halloween episode from 1990, "Dog Day Halloween," removed from Youtube.  It's a very funny episode.  I have some post ideas in mind and get them up each day.

I already decorated the outside of my house last weekend in order to get the stuff by the first, since that is today--a Friday, and I work all weekdays.  It's still very hot unfall-like weather in my part of California.  But it was like this just a year ago and both times I had to endure hot weather to get my decorations up by the first.  

Will be posting and reading what other participating blogs have come up with.  It's gonna be fun!

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