Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Time Warp" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

In honor of last night's episode of "Glee," one of the few current TV shows I regularly watch, I have uploaded this video of the song "Time Warp." 

I as really excited to see this episode last night, after  one week worth no new episode of the show.   Overall, I thought the episode was not too bad. 
I only once ever saw "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on VHS around 1991.  After admitting to this, I was chastised by two different people in college for not watching at a midnight showing.  Had that been the case, however, I would have gone to the showing totally clueless about the audience participation.   And As far as I know, no movie theater near me, including the one in my town, has ever done one of these midnight showings.  

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