Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to Work Today

I've still not completely recovered, but I am walking a little better and am no longer using my crutches. I called in sick again on Tuesday and then called and found I had Wednesday off. After much thinking yesterday I decided to get back to work today.

In the last three days I practiced walking without the crutches and am now walking with cane (though not a medically prescribed one). I can walk without the cane, although My leg is still stiff where the muscle was torn. And my leg is still bruised on one side. And over the last few days as I was practicing getting my foot back on the ground, I'd forgot to practice kneeling, which I tired to do at the store the other day at the store. I'm trying, it's still hurting right now. Hoping that gets better.

I'm glad to get back at last. I had to walk around work without the cane, but I managed. I find myself walking without the cane anyway around the house, but with it as I went into some stores today. And my driving is OK. I was scared about that because it's my right leg.

Now waiting to see my leg bruises fade.

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