Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No rain this past weekend

Not where I live anyway. It was said that rain was predicted for this past weekend, but not a sign of rain occurred. Just a few dreary-looking skies on each weekend day. And with news that it was hot in the South with degrees in the 100s, I was glad not to be living in that portion of the USA, but wished that it would look more like summer. Strange how weather can vary in different parts of the country.

To prepare for the predicted rain over the weekend, I rushed over to the grocery store across the street on Friday afternoon to get some food. I only needed a few items, so I chose not to drive across town to Safeway. I felt like I would have to stay home all weekend, so I decided to grab some food then while there still was no rain. I'd feared I'd have to stay home all weekend, but with still no signs of rain by mid-day Saturday, I decide to run out and look around town. A trip to the ATM and to the gas station proved to be necessary anyway. I was glad to be out for just a while. Nearly the same thing occurred on Sunday. I got a for a few hours after lunch and got a new flashlight out I the electricity might go out if the predicted storm had occurred.

A side note: I missed the mail somehow on Saturday. I then chose to drop my Netflix movie that I received last Thursday in a mailbox on Sunday. I'd left my movie in my mailbox on Saturday and came home finding it still there.

More rain was predicted for Monday but that did not happen either. But warm weather still hasn't happened an I still haven't felt ready to put my jacket away for the summer as it's still a bit windy. Here's hoping for that warm summer weather to come soon.

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