Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying to walk steadily again

I had to practice getting my foot flat on the ground, something that hurt last week after I felt the tear in my leg. Now I'm working on flexing and lifting my foot so I can walk more steadily. Yet, I'm still limping a little, something I hope is not permanent. Will I still be able to drive? Been practicing walking with and without the crutches. My leg is bruised from the tear, something the doctor said would happen so as not be be frightened. Been lying down with ice on my leg. I made a block of ice from water in a plastic freezer bag. Needless to say, I had to call in sick today, something I rarely do unless I'm actually sick or in pain. Two years ago, I missed four days of work because of a back ache. This time it's even worse. So far only three days missed this time. I was off Wednesday last week and am always off on Saturday and Sunday.

Shame I can't get out, since it's such a nice day today, though it's expected to get hotter later on. And the weather in my area for tomorrow (the actual Summer Solstice date) and the following day is expected to be in the 100s! And if I'm still home tomorrow, that will not be fun! I have no air conditioning and have to run several fans at once! Now waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

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