Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines Day Post

Today being Valentines Day,  I had a flashback to those boxed Valentines that kids used to send and receive during grade school. You know, those with currently popular cartoon characters and punny Valentine messages like  "I'm dragging without you" alongside of a picture of a dragon.  I remember getting these things and I'm sure most of you do too.  I don't know what I did with all the ones I got throughout grade school, but I'm sure I don't have them anymore.

I still see these for sale, such as those pictured at left.  All this makes me wonder, do children today still get to celebrate Valentines Day at school?  Though I'm not a parent, I've heard stories of grammar schools canceling celebrations for Halloween and Christmas, either eliminating them entirely or replacing them with nonsense like "Fall Parties," "Harvest Festivals" or "Winter Parties."  I'm now wondering if Valentines Day is meeting the same fate or if it will later if it already hasn't.   Having such memories of such events in school, it seems sad kids today will miss such a thing.  I mean, they can get a whole week of for Thanksgiving (in my day, we only got Thanksgiving and the day after off),  but they can't have a shortened school day for events like this? That makes no sense.

As a single person, my enjoyment of Valentines Day is from munching on  Valentine candy. mostly the candy hearts.  I've had several boxes of these this year before today.  Today I got a box while getting groceries at Safeway.  I suspect all this candy will be half-off everywhere tomorrow.  Somehow I forgot to look for the Valentine candy corn this year.  We get candy corn at my work, but I haven't had time to stop and buy any.  As many of you may have seen, candy corn isn't just for Halloween anymore, and you can expect to see the pastel-colored version for Easter soon.  We may have already gotten that one; I may just have not seen it yet.

Well, whatever you're doing or eating tonight, Happy Valentines Day!

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