Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oscars: This Week's League Assignment

Here is this week's assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

The Oscars. ... interpret it as you will!
Well, since we can interpret as we will, here's how I chose to do that.  Rather than run down this years Oscar winners (I believe everyone knows the full list by now) or rant about who didn't get nominated or think that someone else should have won over those who did win, I tried hard to come up with something different.  Oscar the Grouch and Oscar Madison have already been written about by several other participating bloggers (including a mash-up of those two characters), as has a list of Oscar-winning movie songs. So what else is there? 
Well, in the days after the nominations for this years Oscars were announced, I began Googling "Oscars" and phrases like "Oscar snubs" and "Oscar mistakes" and as I typed in the word "Oscar" I was mentally spelling it and into my head popped a famous TV commercial jingle.  
I'm sure many of you remember the famous commercial for Oscar Mayer bologna with the little boy fishing.  In case you've forgotten, here is the commercial below:

It seems hard to hear the word "Oscar" spelled out without getting this jingle stuck in my head.  Same thing happens when I have to spell out a name ending in "-mayer" or "-meyer" without getting the M-A-Y-E-R part in my head.  This has become as inevitable as hearing or seeing the word "Kodachrome" without getting Paul Simon's famous song stuck in my head. I know I'm not alone on that one.  And just recently I was calling's 800 number to check a movie time.  I spelled out the name as I tried to find the corresponding numbers on my phone keys, and reciting the last there letters, N-G-O, made em think of the song about a dog called "Bingo" in which the name is spelled out.  

But back to Oscar.  I decided this would be my interpretation of Oscar since no one else came up with this one.

And I had a flashback to my high-school French class. We did a song in French about our school that was sung to the tune of the Oscar Mayer bologna jingle, which a classmate inevitably called "The Bologna Song." The song went:

Qui va ganer pour leur lycee? (Who is going to win for their high school?)
C'est B-A-L-E-R. (Our high school mascot is the Haybaler, called Baler for short)
Qui est doué? Qui sait jouer? (Who is gifted? Who knows how to play?)
C'est B-A-L-E-R.

Nos les aimons, les champions (We like them, the champions)
Finnisant toujuors roi de balon (Always finishing king of the ball)
Parce que vous savez (Because you know)
Il faut jouer (You have to play)
Avec E-S-P-R-I-T. (With spirit. Esprit is French for spirit).

(My apologies to those who don't know how to pronounce French.)

OK, someone else did mention Oscar Meyer hot dogs, which themselves had a memorable jingle, but it was the bologna jingle that came to my mind first.


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