Monday, February 18, 2013

League Assignment: Birthday Celebration

Here is this week's assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is celebrating its first birthday! Can you believe it’s been a year since this whole thing started? As a community, we have had a lot of fun and some amazing blog posts have been written in response to the weekly League topics. I’ve met some great people and really do think that we put our best efforts forward when we write a response to the weekly topic.
After 52 weeks, I’m running a little low on the “idea-meter” and I need your help. This week’s assignment is a two-parter…
1. Write about your involvement in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and recall some of your favorite posts — these could be your own and/or those written by others. 
2. Come up with a list of potential topics you would like to see as future weekly League challenges.

Part One: 
Where to start?   I think the League is quite a fun idea for those with a blog who need an idea for something to write and those who have a love for any and all sorts of pop culture.  I signed up for this early on, but kept forgetting until I made my first post in May of last year.  I've sat out a few times (sometimes my imagination is just a little low!), but still enjoy the site and reading other participants' entries, whether or not I made one myself.  Some of the topics I've enjoyed so far include:
Top 10 Movies
Who Cried When Old Yeller Got Shot?
Halloween Costume Ideas
This is Halloween 
Merry Geekmas
Shelf Expression
Back to School

And I have enjoyed linking other bloggers's responses to my own and getting comments.  It's amazing what people can come up with for these things.

Part Two:
Suggestions for possible League assignment topics for this year.  I was kind of glad to see this here, because there was something I though could be an interesting topic:
Book series you have read or are trying to finish reading.   I thought of this one because I have been doing just this recently.  With so many book series, it gets hard sometimes to find all the books, depending on how you obtain your reading materials.  I'd also like to see what others in the League like to read.  This could be fun.

Another idea I thought would be fun to see others write about:

A toy you remember and/or had that no one else (or barely anyone else) you know doesn't seem to remember.

I got this idea from a pin I made last year on Pinterest, of a toy I once had. I had one of those toys in particular and one girl I knew from school said (in a comment) she had all of them, where as another such person commented that she had never even heard of this toy.  Sorry, but I don't want to give any more info, just in case.

Others ideas that came to mind were:
Commercials you loved or hated the most
TV Shows you liked that very few (if any) other people remember (or possibly use this same idea for movies)

Only one other person has responded to this assignment as of yet (see below for link) and he had some ideas that I was also planning on saying!  One was more of the one-word topics that the league used at the beginning of this year. I only responded to the Spacemen one, but still think this is a good idea.  And he also suggested this idea: Favorite toy you never had.  Kind of goes with my earlier-mentioned idea about toys.

These are the only ides I've come up with.  I'm curious to see what others will come up with for this one., since I'm early this week (I've only ever been this early once before.)  Here's the only other link so far, as I mentioned earlier:
Fortune and Glory (Days)

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