Sunday, April 19, 2015

#ReadingMyLibrary Week 3 Update

RMLC - Komika
On Friday, I did my post of books I took out last week.  See here.  I also starting looking for stuff for the scavenger hunt on Friday, but forgot what some of the things listed were or to jot them down before going to the library.  I took shots of what I could remember off-hand so I am off to a little of a start.  Will try to get more before the end of the challenge.

The topic for this week's update is why you love libraries.  The answer to that is simple: getting books for free.  And not just books, but getting to read newspapers free since I had to stop subscribing to one paper (on a budget right now).  Also getting DVDs, but only every so often, since I am a Netflix user. I may just find a season of a TV series on DVD at the library and borrow it, since I'm one-disc at time Netflix user, and it will take a while to finish the season thru Netflix.  But if getting the show through Netflix is the only choice, I'll gladly do it that way :-)  BTW, the library only allows  DVDs out for one week, where as most everything is three weeks.

Another thing: my rather old computer may not let me get onto to some sites, so if need be, I will use our library's computers.

And you can see info about events on the kiosk in the front entrance.

What do you love about your library?

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