Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Update: #ReadingMyLibraryChallenge: Week 4

RMLC - Komika

Here are the books I took out this week on Wednesday (finished the book on top yesterday):

And I am still finishing this pile from last week (already finished the two books on top and am now working on the bottom one):

The discussion topic for this week is: Share how often you visit your library.

My answer is quite often.  I always buy cheap book or use a gift card for books if I ever have one, but borrowing them is easiest because it's free.  I like to do a little of both. Often I join challenges for books that I rarely buy so it means going to the library. And often I'll find a book I did not previously know about, so visiting the library is almost like finding a treasure and it's free.  On the receipts we get at our library, it indicates how much we saved by checking a given item out at the library.  I don't have all my receipts from this month anymore, so I'm not sure how much I've saved in total for this month so far, but on my most recent trip, my total amount saved was $145, with the ones still out from last week and those taken out this past Wednesday.  I belong to one other library in the county, but have not been able to get to that one this month unfortunately, because of their unusual hours.

There are other things I got to library for, namely to glance at newspapers. I'm on a bit a budget right now, so I haven't been able to subscribe lately (which sucks). I try to get to the library to read the paper of a  library trip isn't possible on a given day, I'll have to purchase the paper for 1.50 at a nearby minimart.  

How often do you visit your library?


  1. Never. Sometimes I do go onto the library website and look for books I can send to my Kindle for free. Usually there's a wait for everything I want, though, so I just buy it!

  2. How cool that your library puts your savings right there on the slip.

    I don't subscribe to a newspaper either. $1.50 is a ridiculous amount to charge.