Monday, January 30, 2017

Quiz: How Shy Are You?

Agree with most of this one. I'm definitely more of an introvert.

You Are 56% Shy
Although you live a pretty normal life, you tend to be a fairly shy person.
Many situations make you feel uncomfortable, and you sometimes find your shyness hindering your life.
You can survive daily life just fine, but you don't go out of your way to be social.
Watch out. You may end up missing out on some advantages that extroverted people have.


  1. I'm an introvert, too, but also very shy...especially around new people. I think shyness comes from a place of fear, whereas introversion is part of who we are!

  2. Hope you're having a good Tuesday, Jamie.

  3. Hope your weekend is pleasant and productive, Jamie.

  4. I think most of us bloggers are at over 50% :)