Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How Much Longer Can I Go--And How Much Longer Do I Need to Wait?

I'm nearly a year into working on my depression memoir, as I said in this post.  I got my new printer working on Sunday and printed out my most recent revision of the story. It's really thick now. But I'm still not done yet 😐 Skimmed through it the other day and noticed some spelling errors and some omitted words. Will get to around to fixing those soon.  I don't know how much longer I will need to work on it and when I will try to find an editor and publisher.  I know, thinking too far ahead 🙂  But I know I want to do this eventually.

I showed the recent print to some of the people at work yesterday, and  one girl said she would definitely read the book if it's published, and she said if it's published, I should do a book signing. Yes, I will do that if all this happens and I'm already thinking of places where I can hold one. Perhaps at the local bar and coffee shop and at the nearest Barnes and Noble. Again, thinking too far ahead, but these would be good places for anyone in my hometown to do a signing if they get something published.

I just now saw this article:

Literary Agent Tells All: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Book Publishing

Traditional Publishing Flowchart

Click on the link above to read more.  I liked the flow chart from the article, pictured above. 

And as I said the other day, I started something new.     Last September I asked the following on my blog:
How would the idea of a YA novel set in the 1980s in an epistolary (diary) format sound?  And with a male protagonist, even though I am a woman author?  I've kind of found it hard to formulate fiction based around the current technology and I think kids today should see what it was like for those of us who grew up in the eras before cell phones, the Internet and such.  What does anyone think?

 Now I've begun to attempt this.  Again, I hope to share are of this later.


  1. Honestly, you can go over the same manuscript 1,000 times and still find things to change. That's just how it is! I'd start sending it out to agents/publishers if you think it's ready. If you plan to self-publish, I'd recommend paying a professional editor to go over it.

  2. I echo, Stephanie.
    Kudos, on what you've accomplished, Jamie. Wishing you much success. Keep up the great work.