Thursday, March 2, 2017

A New Look for My Blog

As you can see,  I've changed my blog background and theme. It's been so long since I've done so. Change is always good.

You may also notice that I cut out some of the gadgets in my sidebar and moved some of them as well. I also did a cleanup of my blog list. So many of the blogs I had been following either no longer exist or have not been updated for sometime. My apologies to anyone whose blogs I deleted from my following list on Blogger.  I also redid my bloglist in the sidebar of my page, again removing those that have not been updating recently or that have been deleted.  One of the women from my book club just started a blog (I found it on Facebook), which I added to my reading list. 

But that's all I really plan on changing. I'll still be writing about my writing, reading and whatever else comes to mind. 

On that note, there was an article recently on called:

Finding the Perfect Balance for Your Author Blog:

Find The Perfect Balance For Your Author Blog - Writer's

I never had any specific intention for my blog, just to write about things I feel I have something to say about.  But since my memoir writing, writing about writing has become a popular topic of mine for the blog. I agree a blog should not have a single focus, which is how I try to keep mine.  Some people have kept more than one blog for different things, but I think one is enough for me to maintain.  No need to decide which one to put a particular story on. 
So although I may alter the appearance of my blog from time to time, I will still be writing the things I want to wrote about.  


  1. Well you look pretty in pink. Very attractive.

  2. Cute background! I don't use my follow list anymore. There were blogs on my list that didn't have an unfollow option but they weren't interested in reading mine anymore. I just go through comments and read the blogs of those who read mine...and then I go out in search of new readers occasionally just to make up for all the people who just stop reading over time.