Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Skeletons in the Closet

Maybe this is an idea I should consider next Halloween, though no one but me would see it.


The image above could easily be an assemblage project, something I've been trying to get the people at my work interested in for our art class. Most of them don't understand the concept and have been asking me to make an example. I've already shown them images of such work, now they want to see physical example. I'm trying to get one planned and started.


Ann Bennett said...

Hmmm - A real skeleton in the closet drums home the real meaning to having a skeleton in the closet. lol Have a fun Halloween when it rolls around.

Jamie Ghione said...

Not so sure abut this. Maybe I can put one on the porch.

Sandra Cox said...

I like it!

DMS said...

Definitely an interesting idea! Good luck putting something together for the people you work with to help them understand the concept of assemblage. :)