Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Words for Wednesday Week 4

Here is my contribution this week. Click here to see more.

This week's prompts are:
  1. abacus
  2. bookshelf
  3. cursory
  4. delicate
  5. eclipse
  6. finery


  1. gigantic
  2. healthy
  3. innocuous
  4. jaundiced
  5. kitchen
  6. linger 

It was a seemingly innocuous idea as Bob went into the antique store where he saw a variety of decorative things, including a gigantic abacus (which he could picture displaying in his kitchen at home), an old bookshelf made of delicate wood, an oil painting of an eclipse at night, an ancient finery for making wrought iron, and a plaster sculpture with many cursory details, including a yellow spot that made the figure seemed jaundiced. It was all too expensive for Bob, however, so he decided It was not healthy  to linger in the antique store much longer.  But one can dream, he thought as he left the store.


  1. Antique stores are what dreams are made of but no one can linger long. The dust definitely can cause an Asthma attack. LOL Good story Jamie

  2. I would love to wander in that antique shop. And probably spend too much. Echoing Granny Annie - great job.

  3. Well done, Jamie:) Enjoyed it.

  4. Dropped overe from EC's blog......nice job. I can envision the store and totally's not healthy to stand and drool over what you want but can't afford lol.