Sunday, August 27, 2017

New Assemblage Creations

 Here is the one I made in class last week:

My Mom's friend said sculptures like these are known as "art dolls."  I had never heard that term until yesterday.

And here are other such sculptures made my others at the center:

The same guy made the creature with the octopus arms (made from small plastic silver spoons)
and the one with the poker chip face.

I brought most of the stuff to the center, but also brought out stuff we already had on hand, such as beads, glitter and sequins,  as well as the glue guns used to put the things together.

And here was something else that same guy made. He really got into this idea! This one, though, is more of a collage:

This was fun to do and I'm glad the others had fun as well. They really used their imaginations.