Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Seeing This Already?

How many of you have seen Halloween displays at stores already? Yes, there are already some up in my neck of the woods. I saw Halloween at Dollar Tree starting around the second of August. The above dimply is form the window at Goodwill, and has been up  And just today I saw Halloween stuff going up at Kmart. I expect to see more up by next week.  And then expect to see it at Target.

Who has even give thought to what they want to be on Halloween this year?  I've got some ideas, but haven't decided for sure.  It's only two days till the first of September, so no hurry, even though reminders are in the stores.

I won't get too much into this right now, butI hate that Christmas stuff shows up as early as the end of September, but in some cases even earlier than that.  As someone who one worked in retail, this scenario is all too familiar.

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  1. Today I even saw some Halloween stuff over here. Given that it is mostly celebrated by the stores it struck me as very self serving.