Monday, November 6, 2017

Memoir Reading Challenge 2018--My Signup Post

For this one, I will be reading as many as I can get.

X1. Mental Illness Memoir: Brain on Fire--Susannah Cahalan

X2. Other Illness Memoir: The World's Strongest Librarian--Josh Hanagarne
__3. Political Memoir
X4. Food Memoir: 32 Yolks--Eric Ripert
__5. Animal Memoir
X6. Music Memoir: Rod: The Autobiography--Rod Stewart
__7. Other Arts Memoir
X 8. Written by a person of color: Born a Crime--Trevor Noah
X9. Written by a woman: The Temporary Bride--Jennifer Klinec
X10. Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA: Running With Scissors--Augusten Burroughs
__11. Written by an actor or a comedian
X12.Written by an author or journalist: Hunger of Memory--Richard Rodriguez
__12. Written by any other celebrity
__13.Written by someone under 40
X14. Written by someone over 40: Darkness Visible--William Styron
X15. Written by someone from a country different from your own: Night--Elie Wiesel
__16. Memoir of high school or college events
X17. One you find thought-provoking: The Acorn People--Ron Jones
__18. Made into a movie
__19. Graphic novel memoir
__20. Bestselling memoir
__21. Humorous memoir
__22. Fictional memoir
__23. Published in 2018
X24. Published in 2017 or earlier: The House is Full of Yogis--Will Hodgkins
X25. Under 300 pages: Funny in Farsi--Firoozeh Dumas
__26. Over 300 pages
X27. One you want to re-read: Prozac Nation--Elizabeth Wurtzel
X28. Subject of your choice: The Outsider--Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
__29. Author of your choice
X30. Free choice: Openly Bob--Bob Smith (re-read)
X31. Free choice: Reading Lolita in Tehran--Azar Nafisi (re-read)
__32. Free choice

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