Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What to Do Next...

I still am not sure what do with my memoir to get it "out there." and the same for the diary novel. I am not too sure if I should include these on Wattpad. I did just complete one story that I included on Wattpad, the first work in out on the site with more than one part. Everything else I have posted thus far has been short works, mainly poems. It was the story I dictated on my phone, with necessary corrections and embellishments added. I have shared by email it to the members of the writers lab, in order to keep in touch over the summer break. Click here to read the completed story.

This image was created from a picture I had
on a past blog post.

I have been working more on the diary novel or "the tooth book," as some I know are calling it because of its subject. I have drawn a possible cover for that one, though it has ben years since i ever attempted to draw anything. I'm not sure how to scan the image, or I would have posted it on the blog by now. I now want to try to figure this out. Something I have not done before.


  1. Good luck with everything. So much to think of when publishing.
    Sandra (On a different computer;)

  2. Publishing is a total mystery to me, so I can only add good luck wishes.
    On those 'anniversary' dates I often find myself wondering how the families of totally unknown people who died on the same day feel...