Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What I've Been Writing

The poem I planned to do (mentioned in this post), is now up at Wattpad. I'd actually begun it sometime last week and decided to go with what had already written. Click here to read "The Time Candle."

And I have done yet more editing on You Can't Hide From the Teeth. I now I think I'm satisfied with what I have written. Now I must decide what to do next, how to get the story "out there." Still trying to figure this out. Need to do more research on what companies publish kids' books. And am still unsure what to do about the memoir to get it "out there." Not sure about including either of these on Wattpad. 

For my class yesterday, I came up with some possible titles and had the others do the same. We then passed around each of our lists and each of us chose one or more of the titles. It was somewhat hard trying to find a title before even writing anything, just as hard to find one after writing the story. Those who have read my posts regularly will know how long it took me to come up with the title in the paragraph above. Once everyone picked a title or more, they had to write whatever came to their mind. It was totally up to them to decide what the possible title meant to them. Some of the ones I came up with:

Grey Cats and Mountain Dew
Dream on the Window Ledge
Pink Water and Purple Skies
The Fallen Cow
Recipe for Heaven
Where to Find the Rest of Your Life
The Mermaid Hotel
Hats Off in Heaven 
The Soda Can Incident
The Striped Mob

I may try to use these (and other I came up with that aren't listed above) sometime. I came up with them without worrying as of yet, what plots, etc, to use with them. As far as I know, none of these titles have already been used, and if they have, they can't be copyrighted. What do you think of any of theses titles? Do they seem interesting and intriguing?


Elephant's Child said...

On the rare occasions I write I have huge difficulties in finding a title.
Good luck with both You can't hide from the teeth and your memoir.

Sandra Cox said...

Great class project.