Sunday, August 25, 2019

Another 80's Flashback

Last night at the 30-year class reunion we were given these souvenirs. One was placed at each dinner plate.

Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, Candy Cigarettes and Fun Dip--all stuff I did not know was still around. Definitely 80s! Some of the sets came with a mini Rubik's Cube, but mine did not have one of those.  But that's all right by me. I have a feeling I would never be able to solve one of those even today. Back in the day, I had a Chex and Fruit Cube, a promotion from Chex Cereal. It was a Rubik's Cube with Chex Cereal on one side (and the Chex logo in the dead center) and different fruits on the other sides. I know I had trouble trying to solve the cube back then!

And it was a great night, with lots of food, music, dancing and most of all, old faces from school.