Thursday, August 22, 2019

Not Quite Time Yet

I don't really want to think about Halloween just yet, even though stuff is already in some stores. I was in Target last Sunday, but no Halloween there as of yet. Kids in the area went back to school this past Monday, so they were at Target getting school supplies at the last minute. While there, I picked up a pack of pens.

Yesterday, when I began looking for craft ideas for work next month, I looked up Fall crafts," but kept coming across Halloween ones. And I decided to try this one, though I'm not sure when just yet to do it:

And today I saw this on Facebook:

I agree to some extent with this. Though I feel September is a little too early to be thinking about Halloween, I often do start thinking about it then, often so that I'm not putting my ideas off until the last week before the holiday. And though I've been saying I don't want to be thinking about it at the end of August, I now am trying to come up with costume ideas (though no definite ideas just yet). I guess it's not too early to plan it, though. 


  1. I am so grateful that Halloween really doesn't feature here. The holidays we do celebrate are stressful enough.

  2. The candy dish is cute. Looks like a fun project.