Friday, April 17, 2009

"Twilight" cupcakes???

One blog I regularly follow is Zen Cupcake. I haven't made cupcakes in years--in fact, I'm not sure when I ever last made any! I made cookies recently. Maybe one day I'll attempt some cupcakes. I have a cupcake recipe book I bought from work.

When I saw this post today on Zen Cupcake-Bella Cupcake Couture--I for a second thought it was a reference to Bella from the "Twilight" book series. LOL!!! (I"m reading the final book right now). The popularity of the novel made this seem likely. Someone used "Twilight" as a birthday party theme. When I saw this idea and then saw the cupcake blog post and thought it was a reference to the character form the book, I thought how popular the books have been getting!!! They're becoming a popular theme! Well, I was wrong about the cupcake thing, but the birthday party idea was no surprise!

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