Monday, November 9, 2009


A month I've often found less than exciting.  No exciting holidays, as it's the month that starts after Halloween ends and the month before Christmas .  And all throughout November, everyone seems preoccupied with preparing for Christmas.  Of course we have Thanksgiving, but all it seems  to be these days is an excuse for a huge dinner (with turkey as the centerpiece dish), with family members watching the Macy's parade and football games all day long.   It doesn't look like my family is doing anything that day this year.   People now think Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday.   Retailers seem to jump from Halloween to Christmas.   Some radio stations have started Christmas song rotations.  Thankfully the music system at work doesn't begin this until after Thanksgiving, but a month of Christmas music all day long  sounds almost as bad as two months worth.  I always vow not to put up any Christmas stuff or play any of my Christmas CDs until after Thanksgiving Day.   But starting to buy stuff for Christmas--I may just get that started in November, to avoid the rush.  I've been slothful on some things,  but the last thing I want to do is be caught in the shopping rush that occurs once Thanksgiving is over. I almost always work that day so I can't even think of trying to go to those huge stores on the so-called Black Friday day.  I work at Home Goods, an off-price retail store, with no sales so we never really expect our store to be quite as busy as say Wal-Mart and Best Buy, both of which are close by our store.  Old Navy is also next to our store  and they are more likely to busier than we are. 

OK, I admit I can't and don't always get all my Christmas preparations done in November, but I try to get started sometime then.  I'm afraid to even go to the grocery store on Christmas Eve.  Those at grocery stores on Christmas Eve holiday are either slackers who put off buying important stuff  ahead of time (I try to avoid being one of those people) or those who unfortunately ran out of milk or toilet paper that morning (I'm often scared of being one of those).  Lucky I live across from an independent grocery store as well where I can get these things if that fear should arise.  Independent grocery stores tend to be less busy than chain grocery stores.   

Thanksgiving just doesn't seem to be as commercial as other holidays.  Do many people go out and wear pilgrim or turkey costumes?  And where do they go and what do they do to don these? We have Santa suits and Easter bunny outfits for those who take mall jobs as these holiday characters.  And there are elf outfits for those helping Santa at the mall.   And of course we have Halloween to play another person for one day.   But even thought they sell cupid and leprechaun costumes, Valentines and St. Patrick's Day aren't exactly dress up occasions for most people either.  And you don't see many too Thanksgiving decorations on the outsides of houses the way you do for Halloween or Christmas.  

Even if you don't go all out on Thanksgiving, I suggest that you let those you love know how much you care about them.  You don't need a huge dinner or elaborate decorations for that.  

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