Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Friday the 13th Post

No, I'm not superstitious about this date,  as I've said before on this blog.   But today wasn't that great of a day, as it was storming off and on, with hail coming down.  And a brief earthquake occurred this afternoon.  Some people I know on Facebook, however, said that they did not feel this jolt.  When the jolt hit, I nearly slipped my mind that today was Friday the 13th.  The sun came out for a while, but it wasn't for long.  Right now, there is no rain, but I won't be surprised if it starts up tonight before the night is over, as it stopped for a while this afternoon, letting the sun out,  only to start up again.

I live in a mobile home park, and when rain comes down hard, you can hear it on the roof.  It hits the roof quite hard, and I mean it actually, physically hits the roof. The hail hits the roof even louder.

Most people expect earthquakes in California, but as I said earlier, I barely even thought about the fact that it struck on Friday the 13th.  It slipped my mind as I was worried how long the jolt would last and if there would be any damage afterward.  It wasn't a big one, and a Facebook status from a local TV station asked viewers if they'd felt the jolt.  Some said they did not feel it.  I've not yet seen or heard any news on the magnitude of the jolt.

Seeing the hail coming down reminded me of being in grade school.  Once when it hailed back then, our teacher let us go outside for about a minute.  Have your teachers ever allowed you to do such a thing?  A friend on Facebook said her yard was covered in hail, so I looked out the window to see if any had covered by back lawn.  Sadly, it was not noticeable if there was any hail on my lawn.

The storms and a brief jolt, then were the worst that happened today.  Nothing bad seemed to result from either of these.  

And on the subject of Facebook, a few friends posted on today's date.  Someone mentioned the term Friggatriskaidekaphobia, fear of Friday the 13th.  I don't fear the date, but am usually aware of it happening.  There will be another such date this year, in July.  And this is a leap year with three such dates, the first one having occurred in January this year.   Nothing bad happened on that day, and I don't expect such a  thing on the next such date this year.  FYI, the first day of the month falling on a Sunday means the 13th will be on Friday.

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