Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Week's Assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

Here it is again after a week's break.  The League's topic this week is the following:

Who cried when Old Yeller got shot?  What TV show,  book, movie, etc., turns you into a blubbering baby every time you see it? 

A few things I need to admit: I have never fully watched "Old Yeller."  I recall it being on TV one night and only catching glimpses.  How I missed the tragic end, I don't know.  I don't  know what was really going on that night.   I'm not so sure now whether to to put this one in the Netflix queue just yet.

And one fellow League blogger mentioned "The Neverending Story" for this topic. I'd heard the theme song many times when it came out but had yet to see the movie until until two years ago when my town's cinema presented it as part of their Kids Summer Movie Camp, for which all ages are admitted for one dollar.   I didn't cry.

In fact,  I cannot think of a single movie that jerked out the tears. I guess I don't watch enough of them. However, the subject of this assignment did get me thinking of something else that did cause me to cry quite unexpectedly and without even thinking to do so.  The topic also reminded me of something I recently saw posted by a friend on Facebook just a while ago.

The photo above refers to a PSA done by singer Sarah McLachlan for the ASPCA (watch below if you are so inclined):

Several others commented on the photo saying how much they hated this commercial for  the ASPCA and I stated how I once saw this commercial twice in the same day and that tears came from my eyes immediately.   It came on suddenly after seeing the images of the abused animals.  The thought that anyone abusing the animals is sad in itself, but this commercial just makes it seem sadder that it already is.  The commercial begins with  McLachlan's 1999 song "Angel"  playing over images of the animals. When this song first came out, I was working nights at a restaurant and would hear it on the way to and from work on my car radio.  Before seeing this commercial, hearing that song would remind me of coming to and from that one-time place of work.  But now it's become associated with this commercial, I can't bear to hear it anymore.  Never did like the song to much to begin with.

The day I first saw this commercial, my mom assumed something was up when I told her about this commercial and how it had made me cry.  But sometime later, I learned I wasn't the only person who felt that way upon seeing the commercial.   Somewhere others admitted to having cried over seeing this ad.  Rarely have I ever encountered such a tear-jerking commercial.

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shezcrafti said...

OH GOD. I hate these commercials! They have the same effect on me. I can't even hear that damn Angels song in my head anymore without envisioning crossfaded montages of sad-looking puppies and kittens staring into my soul.

I think you won this week's challenge.