Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year So Far

Hi, I haven't made a formal post for this year yet,  so here are some quick notes.  My Christmas stuff came down the morning of New Year's Day after being up for a month.  This was the only time I had to get it down.  Nothing much new to report, as the year is only nine days old.  It's been Ok so far, with the first rain of 2013 in my area.  Rain came down last Saturday and again  now as I type this entry.

I joined a few reading challenges, something I have never done before.  See my archives widget for December 2012 to see the ones I've joined if you are interested, or check out the Novel Challenges blog for more.  I'm planning to blog more on this later.

Taking tomorrow and Friday off for my birthday on Friday, and was off  Monday because of inventory day.  Inventory always occurs just before my birthday.  One thing I'm hoping will change is that I get away form this job one day.  Can you just imagine how tired one must get when at the same job for almost seven years--longer than any other job I've had and the one I've disliked the most. Want this to change!

How has your new year been so far?  I hope everything works fine out for you.  No real plans yet, but I already know some things I'll be doing, including some new movies I want to see this year.  Can't really decide too early what to do for the year, so just wait and see what lies ahead.  Hope your new year has been good so far and that it will be good!

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