Sunday, September 23, 2018

Reversible or Half & Half?

Who has decided on a costume for Halloween this year? Seems too early as of yet, though the stuff is up at stores now, some since August. Well, I have and am currently gathering material needed. And since the holiday falls on  Wednesday this year, our party at work will be that day rather than on the previous Friday as has been true in previous years.

OK, here is the question again. Would you wear a reversible costume, or would you go half and half? Here's the explanation. Some time ago, I came across several reversible costumes for sale online. This sounded like a weird idea to me--does this mean changing from one side to the other several times a night, causing others to be deceived? Or as someone suggested, if you get kicked out of a party, go and reverse your costume and sneak back in. Or just be one thing one year and the other the next.

Here are some examples of reversible costumes:

And there are plenty of others. Google for more 🙂

Seeing the Devil and Angel one made me think of this:

This a half-devil half-angel, both in one costume. I made one of these one year using two old graduation robes from a thrift store, cutting each on half and sewing them together. When I saw the lady bug and bumble bee reversible costume (in the first photo), I remembered this one  and got an idea to make a half and half costume of a bee and ladybug. I have already bought two t-shirts, one red and one yellow, and some black stretch pants from Goodwill and have been looking online for ways to create wings and antennae. I will be cutting the shirts in half and decorating them with black spots and stripes, then putting them together. More to come on this.

I then looked for half an f half costumes and came across images of half man and half woman costumes (way too may to decide  which to post pics of!) as well as several of the devil/angel idea mentioned above. I also saw this:

Now that is an interesting idea. Alice and the Cheshire Cat in a single costume. Maybe someone could do Alice and the Queen of Hearts in a single costume? Or any of the other ideas shown in the reversible costume pics above? 

The pros of a reversible costume seem to be that you can be one half one year and keep the costume to be the other the following year. The cons seem to be that you might be tempted to keep on changing several times in one night,  deceiving others (as I said above). But if you only chose to be one of the ideas one year, would it seem hard to decide which one? This is what I thought of when I saw the ladybug/bee costume and why I chose to make a half and half one instead.  The half and half idea seems like a good way to combine two different ideas when you can't seem to decide on just one. One idea I have seen is a vampirate, an example of which is in the photo below:

Does the idea of a reversible costume or a half & half one appeal more to you? Would you do either one? And would doing a half & half of any other ideas shown above seem like a good idea to you? I'm not sure how do combine the Red Riding Hood and Dorothy into one, but someone else might come up with something. Same for the racer and flag holder one.


Elephant's Child said...

It is years since I have gone to a costume party (and I have to admit it wasn't a willing attendance). Have fun, and please let us know what you decide.

Jamie Ghione said...

I will be doing the half bee and half lady bug.

Nas said...

All the costumes look good. I wouldn't know what to choose...hehehe...lucky I don't go to costume parties!

Sandra Cox said...

Both sound like fun. I lean towards the reversible. If you were going to two parties you'd be set.