Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2022 Four Moon Reading Challenge

 Here is a new one, just started this year at Four Moon Reviews:

1. A book about or involving a lie

2. A book with a moon or stars on the cover

3. A book chosen by a child (this could be literally any book. Children's books, comic books etc.)

4. A book out of season (literally any book that takes place in a season you aren't in when you read it)

5. A book with less than 1000 ratings on GoodReads

6. A book with a beautiful cover

7. A book with an insect on the cover

8. A book that looks like another book you've read (just a book that has a visual similarity to another book you've read at some point in time)

9. Read the first book in a trilogy (does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 10 & 11)

10. Read the second book in a trilogy (does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 9 & 11)

11. Read the third book in a trilogy ((does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 9 & 10)

12. Has less than 3 colors on the cover

13. Newest book on your TBR shelf (the newest book you acquired as a gift  bought yourself or borrowed from the library)

14. On your bookshelf or TBR for 2+ years

15. A book involving a family (could involve any family dynamic)

16. Written by an author you love

17. Written by an author you've never read before

18. A book with a textured cover (where the cover has parts on it that are raised so you can feel them)

19. Flip A Coin (choose two books then flip a coin to see which one to read)

20. Has a number in the title

21. Has your favorite fictitious character in it (could be anything nonhuman that doesn't actually exist in the real world)

22. Read a book about adoption

23. Has your favorite color on the cover

24. Has an interesting title (any book where the title intrigues you)

25. Read a book then leave a review (literally any book where you leave a review, the review can be as long or as short as you want)

26. A book that fits a prompt for another reading challenge

27. A book featuring music

28. A book on a sensitive subject (this is any topic you believe is a sensitive subject, do not read something that is going to trigger you, this is just a reading challenge to try and help broaden your reading)

29. A book that has won the GoodReads Choice Awards (any year, any topic)

30. A retelling

31. A book released 5+ years ago

32. Read a middle grade book

33. A book with an even number of pages

34. A book you bought because of social media

35. A book about or involving cooking 

36. A book with all the colors of the rainbow on the cover (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

37. A book with a 40+ year old main character

38. A book that has pictures

39. Has one of the four elements on the cover (earth, air, wind, fire; the sky would work for the air element)

40. A nonfiction book on a person or subject you know nothing about

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