Friday, October 29, 2010

Only two days left

...till Halloween and not much to put up on the blog for today.  No time to look for candy at the last minute, but will have to get some on Sunday afternoon for the kids who show up that night. 

Tonight I will be attending a party at local restaurant with a  local band playing.  I received the invite via Facebook.   And tomorrow night is the Halloween Karaoke contest at a bar in my town. Usually they have this only on Fridays and that was the case last year when the holiday was on a Saturday.  I'm now wondering what they will do next year when the holiday is on Monday. 

Today I saw a sign in the window of an empty carpet store building advertising the upcoming seasonal See's Candy Christmas store in Gilroy, CA.   These are like the Spirit Halloween stores, opening for two months in a building left empty by some retailer.  Oddly, this abandoned carpet store is just across the way from the building left vacant by Linens and Things, when that bed-and-bath chain went out of business in 2008.  The former Linens and Things is currently housing the Spirit Halloween store.  I guess this building is too big for  seasonal candy store.  

And even though it's still not Halloween yet,  Christmas has already been coming in at the store where I work since September.  Only a few Halloween items are left and they have all been moved to the front of the store.  We must have sold a whole lot of it since it began coming in the second week of August. 

And last night on the news they were predicting Black Friday to come early this year, right before Halloween. Usually it's the day after Thanksgiving.  As far as I have seen today, there is no news of this being true.  

And today I on the way home from work, passed by a house several blocks away from my residence with a Halloween decoration in their front yard, another decoration I really liked. Unfortunately, since I was driving, I was not able to get a picture, and I was  a little too lazy to stop.  

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