Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Every time a holiday approaches, I find myself wanting to buy some of the candy that is made for each holiday. Whether it's the Marshmallow Peeps made for different holidays or other candies specific to any holiday, you can be sure I will buy at least one of them before the holiday is over.
Well not too long ago, I found myself indulging on the Peeps chicks currently in stores as Easter approaches a week from this Sunday. But today I found myself in the mood for marshmallow Easter eggs that come in what look like egg cartons (the real eggs are sold in). They were 10 for $10 at Kmart today so I bought a carton and removed the plastic wrapping in the car in the parking lot before going home. I just now took the pictures and had already eaten half the eggs before then, as can be seen in the second photo.

I don't know why but I seem to like these marshmallow candies made at Easter time. And there something about the egg carton that the eggs come in that I find fascinating. I can't really explain that :-)

I just now Googled "marshmallow eggs" and came across this entry on The Candy Blog. Although the brand mentioned in the blog article does not appear to be the one I found, the eggs in the article look the same as the ones I found. The same idea at least. The Candy Blog author wrote:
...The first one I ate (the one pictured) tasted rather like the carton they were in ... a little chemical-y. So for my next tasting I took them out of the carton and left them on a little plate for a half an hour. You know, “to breathe.” That little airing out helped. Now they taste sweet and flavorless...

No, the ones I bought didn't seem to taste that way, at least not as far as I could tell. I'm glad, however I didn't think to let them "air out" or they might have been tasteless too. Not that they tasted like much expect marshmallows covered in chocolate.

I know it sounds like I've committed gluttony, but I have now eaten all but tow of the eggs. They are still sitting in the carton.

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