Saturday, April 16, 2011

Looking Forward to Reading This and Then Seeing the Movie

A few months ago at Target I was looking for some books to buy. I don't use that electronic reading device because I can't afford one and I already spend too much time staring at screens. I'm still sad my old Macintosh (pre-Intel-based) won't let me watch movies instantly through Netflix but that would just make me stare at computer screen more than I wish to (enough about all that for now).

Getting back on track: that one day while browsing books at Target I saw the novels "Something Borrowed" And "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin. Both sounded interesting, but I was using a gift card from last Christmas and had already decided on two other books for the time being, thinking of these two as possibilities for another time. Then sometime later while at my local cinema, I picked up the monthly "upcoming movies" distributed free in the lobby and saw that the first book "Something Borrowed," was being made into a film, scheduled for release on May 6. After reading the film plot in the flyer, I had a feeling I would be heading out to see it
but didn't want it to be one of those I saw without reading the book first. A few times I saw a movie without even knowing it was a book first. But since I knew in this case, I kept making plans to get the book to try reading it before the film comes out. I will begin reading it this coming week sometime, with the hope of finishing before May 6.

I had a gift card from Barnes and Noble from some time ago. I recently checked the amount and saw that I had Something over $6 left. I'd put off trying to obtain the book until yesterday. I went to the B&N store in Gilroy, California, where I work; I live in nearby Hollister where there are no bookstores, just Target and Kmart as book options. Unfortunately, the book was only available in the new cover, the common practice of reissuing a novel with photos of actors from the movie on the cover, as seen in the photo on the right. Just my luck I saw a copy of the novel at Target today with the original cover, ironically placed alongside the one with the movie cover. The one with the movie cover at target was larger than the one I obtained for B&N, and Target charged more for the larger book. The smaller one I got from B&N was cheaper.
Below is the original cover of the book.

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