Friday, April 22, 2011

Passport to Nowhere

I still send out bills by mail as I am too insecure about online paying. And I believe in the US Postal Service. I also get DVDs from Netflix since I have no way of instant watching. But like most people, a lot of the stuff I get in the mail is ads and other unsolicited mailings. Credit card applications. Envelopes of random coupons for car washes, yard services and such. Weekly circulars for grocery stores, which I like to keep each week so I can see what is on sale at what store.
But today I got something really random. A passport cover sent from Alberta, Canada. I have no plans to travel abroad anytime soon and can't afford to do so, so I never ordered any passports, let alone passport covers. Has anyone ever been sent such a thing without having ordered one? Above is a shot of the cover and below are shots of the inside.

On the left-hand side in the green block it read. "This is why you have a passport." The green block on the lower-right-hand side gives the website address I typed in this address but got redirected to this link. The return address referred to the sender as Travel Alberta and that it's located in Edmonton. This was so weird!

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